Educational Institutions

Private Fiber Networks (PFN's) have become the most cost effective and versatile way to transport all types of data across school districts and campuses. The widely accepted use of IP allows for virtually unlimited bandwidth, which opens the doors for many applications (like distance learning) and closes the door to inherent security risks associated with public networks. Imagine getting 10X more bandwidth for less than 10% more cost. FidelityLink can help you make it a reality.

The key benefits of a FidelityLink Private Fiber Network are:

E-Rate Support:

  • Our Fiber Optic WAN service is Priority One E-Rate eligible and custom designed to meet your specific goals and requirements
  • Expertise to assist you in the E-Rate process (including 471 filing)
  • No upfront costs to your district
  • You pay only the portion not covered by E-Rate
  • E-Rate program directly pays FidelityLink for covered services

Locked-in Pricing

Why rent when you can buy? With your own private fiber network, once you pay for it, you own it! And your price is locked in so you can plan your budget (including bandwidth expansion) for years, or even decades to come without worrying about costly rate hikes.

Control of the Network:

You have 100% control of your network. You can increase bandwidth or add services as needed, without having to wait for implementation from other providers.

Enhanced Reliability and Security:

With a private fiber network, your data stays on your network. No more passing through other service providers' equipment, and no more merging in with other data traffic. Your data is reliable and extremely secure.

Immediate scalability & virtually unlimited bandwidth:

Once FidelityLink installs your custom fiber network to connect only YOUR specific locations, you're in charge. You choose your equipment and maintain control of your bandwidth and services. Need more bandwidth? There's no more waiting on providers or paying higher prices--you just upgrade or add equipment to add bandwidth on your timeframe!

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Our Process

  • 1

    Design from Start to Finish

    FidelityLink designs cost competitive, secure, underground private fiber networks which qualify for E-rate funds.

  • 2

    Keeping Students Connected

    FidelityLink works directly with the school district to design a new custom private fiber network to connect all the school buildings in either a ringed or point to point WAN. We provide both lit and dark fiber solutions depending on the schools' requirements.

  • 3

    Monitored Solutions

    FidelityLink provides all maintenance of the private fiber network and monitors the WAN fiber links 24x7x365.

Why choose FidelityLink?

When you build your own private fiber network with FidelityLink you will have a 100% secure, private network that only carries YOUR data. As your bandwidth requirements increase, you have complete control to increase to faster speeds at any time by simply installing faster optics. Your WAN fiber costs are fixed for the term of the contract - regardless of how much fiber bandwidth you use. All of the FidelityLink fiber solutions qualify for Priority One E-rate funds.

  • Private Fiber Networks (PFN) means EXCLUSIVE use of the fiber strands for you alone.
  • Complete security with no shared users on your network.
  • In most cases we install 100% of our networks underground.
  • No chance of oversubscription on your dedicated and exclusive private fiber network.
  • Our networks we design and install for school districts are Priority One E-rate eligible.
  • It's YOUR network: YOU'RE in charge. Upgrade/add equipment for more bandwidth on your timeframe.
  • Long-term contracts lock in today's competitive pricing and do not restrict bandwidth increases.
  • The FidelityLink solution is completely turnkey from engineering to construction to fiber splicing to testing to termination - The very best single-provider contact for total quality and value.

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  • We chose FidelityLink, in part, for their ability to design and build a mission critical network that is cost-effective, reliable and fast.

    Pattonville School District